Literary Groups

The Day Book Group

The Day Book Group meets the third Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am in room 308, Virginia Building, to discuss a book of interest. Everyone is welcome!

Book Selections 2018-2019

Meet                     Title                                         Author                                            

Aug 15   Just Mercy                                        Stevenson, Bryan            

Sep 19   A Piece of the World                       Kline, Christina                 

Oct 17   The 100-Year Old Man Who..      Jonasson, Jonas               

Nov 14  All the Single Ladies                        Traister, Rebecca            

Dec 19   Winterdance                                      Paulsen, Gary                   

Jan 16    Strangers in Their Own Land        Hochschild, Arlie              

Feb 20   The Great Alone                               Hannah, Kristin                 

Mar 20  Democracy in Chains                      MacLean, Nancy              

Apr 17   Every Note Played                           Genova, Lisa                      

May 15 selection

Jun 19    Rules of Civility                                  Towles, Amor                   

Jul 17     Overstory                                            Powers, Richard   


The Literary Circle

The Literary Circle is a group of women of all ages who meet at 7:00 p.m. on the second Tuesday of the month for fun, fellowship, and discussion of a novel, non-fiction book, or a group of short stories. We meet in each others' homes. The current co-chairs are Carolyn Brandt at or 288-2511 and Page Wagner at 323-7038.

Literary Circle 2017-2018

Date                                                      Book                                                            Author

09/12/17                       A History of the World in 6 Glasses                    Thomas Standage

10/10/17                       Dimestore                                                                    Lee Smith

11/14/17                        Drawdown                                                                   Paul Hawkens (ed)

12/12/17                       44 Scotland Street                                                   Alexander McCall Smith

01/09/18                      Waking Up White                                                       Debbie Irving

02/13/18                      An American Sickness                                             Elisabeth Rosenthal

03/13/18                      Hillbilly Elegy                                                              J. D. Vance

04/10/18                      The Light Between Oceans                                   M. L. Stedman

05/08/18                      Small Great Things                                                  Jodi PIcoult

06/12/18                      The Rosie Project                                                    Graeme Simsion

07/10/18                      Red Delicious Death                                               Shelia Connoly