From Alex's Study

 November  2017

Dear Church Family,    

      Dear Church Family, Hebrews 10:24 says this: “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” Isn’t that a fascinating idea – that we are called to spur one another on – another translation says “provoke one another” – in love and good deeds? Here are some people and situations who spur me on—and spur us all on—in love and good deeds:

  • Jon Heckel and Terry Sheets, along with many others, have led the way for our church family to be involved with the Rhamaty family (refugees from Afghanistan). A new home, new job, new friends, new community–not without challenges– but toward a new life in RVA for this family. Everyone has experienced transformation. 
  • The Looneys, Lollie George, Randy Welch, Kathleen Murphy, and Mary Jane Winter have invested their hearts and engaged our church again with their summer visit to our partners in Guatemala at CEDEPCA. We celebrated that partnership recently by hosting Emerson and Judith, from Guatemala. Everyone’s heart is encouraged. 
  • John Marriner and his team of volunteers have recently ended months of training and began their involvement with an individual in our city to help move this person from poverty and hopelessness to a stable place in society. This is part of a larger effort called OPEN TABLE – which seeks to surround individuals with the family support and care that most of us take for granted. Everyone’s faith is deepened. 
  • We are so grateful to Becky White who carries out a massive and important “card ministry.” Volume 35 Issue 11 November 2017 Becky makes and sends cards to the many on our hearts and in our prayers. Everyone is connected to community and to God. 
  • One of our newest young adult members, Alexi Shepherd, has organized a new women’s Bible study that brings folk together in faith and fellowship. We are called to provoke one another in love. 
  • We continue to share prayer shawls, knit by loving and praying hands, to those in treatment, with grief and illness. Sheri Highfill keeps this program going and many others offer their skills and love. Everyone is blessed. 
  • The Adams and the Madigan family came up with creative ideas for a new Worship Nite – once a month on Sundays – that benefits the youth, but also the entire church family. Singing, praying, celebrating life spurs us on. 
  • The Tuesday Group – men who offer their time and skills to tend to various building needs around the facility – continues to save the church thousands of dollars and increases fellowship and faith.
  •  Sam and Ginna Minasian Dalton give energy to our important partnership with Ebenezer Baptist. New connections and emerging plans will re-frame our lives for faith and love in the critical work of racial reconciliation. These are just some of the ways our members seek to spur one another on toward love and good deeds. May we all give prayerful attention to the ways our lives – in STEWARDSHIP – may spur one another and promote the healing and hope of Christ our Lord. We are blessed to be a blessing. It takes all of us. Thanks be to God!