Do You Have a Daily Relationship with Wonder?

Word and images by Kathy P:

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"Consistently, when I am open to a daily relationship with wonder, wonder usually shows up, or more likely, I finally see what has always been there....

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I remember taking my daughter to the Monet room at the Art Institute of Chicago when she was five years old.  I had shown her postcards of his haystack paintings, explaining that this artist loved the way things looked and felt in different kinds of light and that he used tiny dabs of color to recreate the feelings he loved so much.  When we entered the room she stood transfixed, then she ran up to the haystack painting and stood so close to the image that it dissolved into individual strokes.   She said, "It's gone.  It's just little dots."  Then she walked slowly backwards until she was standing next to me, viewing the painting again as a whole.  She took my hand and breathed, "There it is.  I see it and it's totally made of magic."  I said, "Yes, honey, that's how it all works."


"The world is made of water and dust, ordinary physical things, but all of them are filled with miracle, Light and considerable magic.  When I see the world with this frame, small things take on a luminous quality and daily actions become a sacrament.  There is no need to wait for a miracle as proof--the miracle we need is already here."

(Carrie Newcomer from "Miracle, Light and Considerable Magic", from the beautiful not yet)



Creator God, thank you for the gift of beauty all around us, even in the ordinary.  Wake us up and give us grace to pay attention to the miracles and magic right in front of us.  

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Kathryn Lester-Bacon