Partnerships in Malawi

Malawi is a tiny country of fifteen million souls, deep in the heart of Africa, which has more Presbyterians than the United States. Most of its people live in abject poverty and many are afflicted with malaria and/or AIDS. Second Presbyterian has sent mission groups, both adult and youth, to Malawi three times before. We have established a partnership with St. James Presbyterian Church in Blantyre, the second largest city. Two years ago a delegation from St. James visited us at Second and stayed in our homes. 

We have also visited mission projects of Ministry of Hope and Joy to the World; both of these were established by a young minister, Fletcher Mantandika, who has visited us at Second. Ministry of Hope grew out of an AIDS orphans’ home started by Nancy Dimmock, a missionary supported by Second; Ministry of Hope has expanded its ministry to include AIDS orphan feeding centers, two of which were built with funds provided by Second. Joy to the World started with assisting Dzuwa Village in digging wells, providing a grist mill, constructing homes for teachers , and is now establishing a medical clinic. Members of our congregation have been involved in all of these outreach projects. 

A delegation from our church travelled to Malawi to discern how we can best nurture the partnership with St. James and our connections to Ministry of Hope and Joy to the World, as well as to explore other mission opportunities. The needs of Malawi are great, but there are also ways in which the inspiring Malawi Christian community can minister to us also. 

Our delegation was led by Alex Evans and included Marcus Maphis, youth member of the team; Irene Lubker, member of Second and native of Malawi; and Don Falls, Tom Jefferson, and Glenn Thomason, all of whom have been on previous mission trips to Malawi. 

It is the hope of Mission Council that each member of the Congregation will feel a part of this mission endeavor. Our delegation wants to keep us informed about all facets of this trip. Upon their return there will be ample opportunities to hear about this venture. They ask that you pray for them every day they are gone and that you will want to hear updates on their mission through blogs and emails. 

Mission Council also requests your monetary support for two purposes: 1) to fund especially worthy projects as identified by our representatives, and 2) to provide scholarship assistance, where needed for members of our mission team. This is not an inexpensive trip. Mission group members have contributed over $3000 each thus far for airline tickets and food, lodging, and transportation in Malawi. 

We request that you consider making a contribution to Second Presbyterian Church, designated for the Malawi Mission trip. 

With such a rich history of connections and promising possibilities for future ministry together, our church feels increasingly called to partnerships with our brothers and sisters in Malawi. The members of our Mission Team will go to discern, to represent Second Church, and to bring back fresh insights about our future ties to Malawi. We want to pray for them, support them, and join hands with them as God calls us to know Christ and to make Christ known around the world. 

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