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The Session of the Church is the group of elected leaders, called Elders, who serve as chairpersons of the different Councils that help to keep the Church working together. This group meets monthly and is moderated by the Pastor. Session members are elected for a three year term.

Here is what our Book of Church Order says about who elders should be:

Elders should be persons of faith, dedication, and good judgment. Their manner of life should be a demonstration of the Christian gospel, both within the church and in the world. It is the duty of elders, individually and jointly, to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation. Together with the pastor, they should encourage the people in the worship and service of God, equip and renew them for their tasks with the church and for their mission in the world. €”Book of Order G-6.0303 and 4.

Class of 2021

Julia Carr, Joani Ferguson, Phil Hart, Jonathan Heckel, Vernon Mays, Anne McDonnell, Kathleen Murphy

Class of 2020

Tom Flynn, Katherine Goodpasture, Cathy Howard, Elva Mapp, Lucretia McCulley, Henry Tenser, Katherine Weisiger, Sloan White

Class of 2019

Mary Sue Donahue, Don Falls, Frank Graham, Tom Holland, Tom Jefferson, Heather Harvey, Jacy Jacob, and Judy Cutting


Session Leadership Assignments:

  • Worship: Elva Mapp, Katherine Weisiger

  • Christian Education: Judy Cutting, Jacy Jacob

  • Administration: Don Falls, Anne McDonnell

  • Budget & Finance: Tom Jefferson, Don Falls, Phil Hart

  • Property: Tom Flynn, Henry Tenser, Tom Holland, Franklin Graham

  • Mission: Mary Sue Donahue, Lucretia McCulley, Joani Ferguson, Cathy Howard

  • Stewardship: Julia Carr, Katherine Goodpasture

  • Membership: Heather Harvey, Sloan White, Vernon Mays

  • Personnel: Jonathan Heckel

This picture is from the recent Session and Deacon Meeting when the new classes were examined and welcomed after their training.

This picture is from the recent Session and Deacon Meeting when the new classes were examined and welcomed after their training.


Class of 2021: Chris Blanton, Amie Finney, Lori LaVel, Matt Horn, Kathy Morgan, Frank Wagner, Margaret Wade, David Wilson

Class of 2020: Kevin Divins, Ginger Hudson, Patrick McDonnell, Mary Millet, Debbie Powers, Richard Reynolds, and Amy Thompson

Class of 2019: Frederick Helm, Emily Gilchrist, Nancy Updegrave, Kate Nash, Minor Weisiger, Mary Warthen, Becky White, and Treva Thomas

The Deacon Ministry at Second Presbyterian is an active ministry that reaches out to connect and care for our church members. Twenty-four individuals serve as dedicated deacons. Along with the pastoral staff, they provide pastoral care, and they help members connect with the church through various social activities.

Our denomination states that the office of deacon as set forth in scripture is one of compassion, witness and service after the example of Jesus Christ. Deacons at Second seek to fulfill the call of Christ to love one another as Christ loves us. They routinely make visits to hospitals and nursing homes and meet with people who find themselves in need of individual pastoral care. When a family or individual needs support, it is the deacon ministry that pulls together the plan and follows through. Our support for each other also includes times of joy, like a wedding celebration, the birth of a child, or a baptism.

Deacons are elected by the church nominating committee. They serve three-year terms and meet monthly for spiritual renewal, training, planning and communication with one another. Being a deacon is a serious and meaningful calling but also a joyful one. Deacons have the privilege of serving individuals and the congregation at large; they walk side by side with others through both the painful and joyous transitions of life.


The Trustees, elected by the congregation, are charged under the Book of Order of the PCUSA and the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia with the ownership and management of the real, tangible personal and intangible property of the Church, subject to the ultimate direction of the Session. 


Class of 2021 - Cherry Peters and Katherine Weisiger

Class of 2020 - Ken Powell and Philip Hart

Class of 2019 - Carolyn Brandt and Jeff Gallagher