Campaign Update

We currently have accumulated $4,917,869. in pledges and monetary contributions from 178 individuals/families. We are already so very close to our $5 million goal! This is a three year campaign and will take us to our 175th Anniversary in 2020.

 Members of the capital campaign committee are: Allison and Vernon Mays (co-chairs), Jeff Wells and Mac Pence (co-chairs), Mary Sue Donahue, Tom Jefferson, Tom Holland, Marjorie Clark, Greg Dickie, Don Falls, and Julia Carr. Please feel free to contact any member of the campaign committee for further information.  

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How are and will these funds be spent?

Breakdown of Spending –

 A)   Sanctuary Renovations –

-         approximately $1.35 million

-         completed in August 2017

 B)    Kitchen Renovations –

-         Approximately $250,000

-         Completed in August 2018

 C)    Virginia Building Upgrades – atrium, Heritage Room, Bathrooms, etc

-         $110,000 allocated to Glave Holmes for plans and specs

-         $1.3 million estimated

 D)   Hawes Building upgrades – bathrooms, closets, flexible mission space

-         $10,000 for Glave Holmes assistance and plans

-         $500,000 estimated

 E)     Mission and Outreach

-         $181,000 approved and allocated for Urban Engagement

-         $200,000 approved - $40,000 for Union Seminary, $40,000 for Camp Hanover, $40,000 for Assisting Families of Inmates, $40,000 for Malawi partners, $40,000 for Guatemala partners (CEDEPCA)

-         $100,000 approved for Child Care Center to transform staff salaries

-         $40,000 – CARITAS – in support of their care for homeless in RVA

-         $150,000 – International Mission – more for CEDEPCA, Haiti, Malawi

-         $200,000 for Education Scholarship for Members

-         $750,000 for Mission Endowment

-         $300,000 as allocated for Kitchen and Hawes Upgrades for MISSION